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A Month With You
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This photobook is the result of a personal project that I engaged my mother to work with me in 2015. During the process, we took pictures of each other with the Fuji disposable camera for a month, there is no rule to the way of photographing. By doing so, I hope to create a collective memory between my mother and I, and to create a chance for us to understand each other more. The idea came from my relationship with my mother, which was very strange as I was separated with her for most of my childhood. However, I still felt that she is a very important person to me, so I decided to use photography as a way to bring us closer through doing this project. I also asked my father to participate in this project by photographing both of my mother and I in our daily interactions. 


This book starts with a conversation between my mother and I, plus the images taken by us. It ends with a paragraph of my explanation towards our relationships and the process of working with each other during the month. In the image section, I separated the pages into a half: The images from the upper half were taken by me and the ones from the lower half were taken by my mother. My father’s images appear in both sections. 


Embossed and printed hardcover

Perfect binding/ handmade

17x12.7cm, 46 pages



Edition of 22

December 2022

£40 $380

For purchase, e-mail

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