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HUNG Ching-yan, Fion (b. 1993) is a Hong Kong photo artist, who was born in a traditional Fujian family. She had lived with her grandparents for many years when she was small and since then she realized that there’s a big generation gap between the family and her. Hung graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Visual Arts degree from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2016. Her work “To Be Used Someday” received a WMA Young Talents award in 2016. Hung is primarily creating works based on photography, images and text. She has been focusing on the exploration of family relationships and resolving conflicts with Chinese cultures in the past few years. As an emerging artist, Hung has been actively participating in the Hong Kong art scene. Her recent project “I Wanted To Be A Mother” was selected to be one of the shows in the “Photographer Incubator Project” of the Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2020. This is also Hung’s second solo exhibition and was just exhibited in PHVLO HATCH art space in SSP district, Hong Kong. Other works of hers were exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Germany and Italy. She is currently undertaking her Master degree in Photography with London College of Communication, University of Arts London.


2015         "疾風勁草 Power of Narrative" Incu-Lab, Tin Hau, HK

                 "With/ w,cover" Open area, 6/F, JCCAC, HK

                 "Dialogue über Becher (Dialogue on Books)" Dortmunder U, Uzwei, Germany

2016          "Book Matters: Book and Print Festival" Koo Ming Kown Gallery, CVA, HKBU, HK

                  "一個轉身 About Turn" Koo Ming Kown Gallery, CVA, HKBU, HK

                  "HKBU AVA BA Graduation Show 2016" Kai Tak Campus of the Academy of Visual Arts, Choi Hung, HK

                  "Fresh Trend Art Graduates Joint Exhibition" Exhibition Hall of Hong Kong City Hall, Central, HK

2017          "Young Eyes +, Main Exhibition at Chiang Mai Photo Festival 2017" Chiang Mai University Art Centre, Thailand

                  "First Smash 4" Art Experience Gallery, HK

                  "Beyond Completion" Koo Ming Kown Gallery, CVA, HKBU, HK

                  "First Person" Koo Ming Kown Gallery, CVA, HKBU, HK

2018.         "About Me" Space Millepiani, Rome, Italy

                  "TRI PHO" AVA Gallery, HK

2019          "Studying Family Relationships Through Fuji Quicksnap: Images from 2015-2019" Casphalt, T.M., HK

                  "Zone Out" An Exchange Exhibition of Department of Photography, CAU and Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU Chung-Ang University Gallery, Seoul

2020          "I Wanted To Be A Mother" Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2020 PHVLO HATCH, SSP, HK

                  "I Wanted To Be A Mother" Solo Exhibition On The Road Image Space, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Awards and Achievements

2016          WMA Young Talents

                  The Keepers Collection of HKBU Library

                  The Keepers Collection of Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU

2018          Museum Collection, Loosen Art Museum, Rome, Italy

                  Participation Prize, the 6th Bio-Art Contest, Seoul

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