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A Month with You

Photo Book
Inkjet Print on Paper
15x15cm/ 3pieces

2015 - 2016

A Month WIth You is a photobook that resulted from a collaboration between my mother and I. We took pictures of each other for a month during the third year of my undergraduate study; shortly after we began, I also invited my father to take pictures of us. THe only condition I set was that we should not ask each other to pose for the camera. I was motivated to collaborate with my parents as I felt a sense of distance towards them, especially my mother; they were not around for most of my childhood. By using photography as a way to connect and interact with my parents, I created a channel for us to observe one another. Photography became a new way for my family to communicate and know each other better.


In the photobook, I included photographs taken by us during that month, and the conversation of me convincing my mother to work with me in the beginning. The book ends with a paragraph of my feelings towards the process of work and our life afterwards.



First Smash 4, Art Experience Gallery, H.K., 2017

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