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The Song of a Young Nutter

Photo Collage

2020 - 2021

'The Song of a Young Nutter' is direct response towards the changing relationships between my extended family and my family after my grandma's departure in 2016. The continuous conflicts has changed the concept of home to me, which made me feel angry, helpless and confused at that time. I have witnessed the whole process of relational change and I used my childhood traumatic memories as the way to narrate stories in my images. It is my first attempt of using photo collage as a way of image making, explored during the Covid pandemic period in which I turned my home as my shooting studio for making images in this set of work.


Screenshot 2021-03-14 at 10.16.05 PM.png

FORMAT21, Virtual Exhibition, U.K., 2021


The Censored Exhibition, Copenhagen Photo Festival 2021, Festival Center, Denmark, 2021

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