The Song of a Young Nutter

Photo Collage

2020 - present

This is a photo collage work about the exploration and realisation of subconsciousness of self through presenting combined images of self-portrait and objects related to my ridiculous childhood experiences. The “ridiculous memories” comes from the value difference between me and my Chinese family, as I always encountered mental isolation when I was small and felt nobody would understand how I saw this world in my society. To me, this experience is important as it makes me think of my conscious existence. However, I can’t disgust it in real life as the memories are just fragments of the past in my mind. I then decided to express my feelings in the way of art making, and I used a humorous way to express my weirdness in the eyes of adults from the past. I combined my childhood imaginations and real life experiences in the collages to present my subconscious mind in different stages.

Dad loves eating sticky rice dumplings w