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The abandoned land, small people and uncovered stories

Photo Installation (Images, text and objects)

Size variable

2018 (work in process)

When we talk about what a government can do to provide opportunities to its citizens,  our immediate responses could be adding modern facilities and constructing high technological and iconic buildings that will bring economic benefits to its people. "Addition" seems to be the only method to improve a city's quality of life bit by bit in our modern standard. However, there are more treasurable and historical cultures that we may want to reserve for our next generations because they are too precious to be forgotten. In the project "The abandoned land, small people and uncovered stories", I take Lok Ma Chau Loop area as a simple of districts to unfold these precious stories of life of human in different parts of the world.


Lok Ma Chau is a village locating in the border of Hong Kong, which was belonged to Shenzhen before channelization was carried out in Shenzhen river. The identity of villagers living in this place has been changing according to the governments' decisions that puts Lok Ma Chau loop in either border. 

I am curious about the villagers' life of being shifted to different identities time by time, and so I started to visit this place for stories of people around. In this project, I reached people from hidden areas in Lok Ma Chau by photography. I elaborate the value of traditional cultures in contrast of my early hypothesis on the benefits that "addition" can be brought to human beings and hence to explain how "deduction" and "remaining unchanged" can also be possible directions to the development of our society in the future.

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