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Po Suet, where are you? 寶 雪 在 哪 兒 ?

Photo Installation
Size variable

“Po Suet, where are you?” is a set of art about three persons – Lam Po Suet (grandma), Ng Tak Ching (great grandma) and me.


After the death of grandma, my great great grandma had been asking me where her daughter went. In order to answer her question and not to disappoint her, I kept saying "I am finding her for you.", which I knew it is impossible for us to "see" grandma again. I express my willingness of finding grandma with the action of art making, I tried to find spots that were close to grandma's grave in Chai Wan and recorded them by photography.

Mountains from Chai Wan
Mountain from Siu Sai Wan
Dialogue with the moon
Diary on 28/07/2017
Diary on 23/08/2017
Snapshots diary

E x h i b i t i o n s

First Person

@Koo Ming Kwon Gallery, CVA, HKBU

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